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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will using oil products make my skin oily?

Many people that have never used oil products believe that the oil will clog their skin and cause breakouts. In contrary oil balances the natural production of sebum, locks in moisture and keeps out allergens and pathogens. Using harsh cleansers and over cleansing the skin is what truly cause oil overproduction and breakouts. Using oil based skincare helps balance the natural production of sebum and brings the skin back to its equilibrium.

Why Zemyna Beauty?

Zemyna beauty goes far deeper beyond the products. Zemyna is a vibration, a lifestyle of increased self love, commitment to yourself, and remembering who you truly are. How well do you truly know yourself? Are you living a life that truly makes you happy and fulfilled, in a healthy body that you love and feel good in? Those are the things we strive to create. A community of souls committed to make this life the best experience possible, together, we can change the world.

Are all the Zemyna Beauty Products organic?

Yes, quality is our number one priority. We only use clean, raw, organic or wildcrafted ingredients when possible!

I have acne and terrible skin, nothing I do works, what can I do?

We often forget that our skin is a representation of our overall health. It is extremely important to use clean products that do not bring any more toxins into your system and support your health rather than taking away from it. To truly get the skin of your dreams it's important to reflect on your overall health and habits. Good quality water, organic food, sleep and daily habits is the magical combination to your best health.