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Consistency- Presence- Manifestation

The ritual

Use these products consciously

Let’s focus on our body and mind connection. Set your intention - focus on being present. Right here, right now. Intention and being present is extremely important. So often we so busy that days simply blur together

Let’s change that.

Each day is an experience you will never get back. All we ever have is this moment right now, so let's make the best of it - Gratitude- This is your time throughout the day for you. While massaging in the oils simply relax, take a breath and remember the things you are grateful for.



Breath is life- breathe with me

-Before applying the products take a few deep breaths.

-Inhale through your nose for 5 seconds and slowly exhale through your nose for 10 seconds, and hold.

-Repeat 5-10 times or as feels right.

-Allow gratitude to fill your body.

-Right here- Right now.

-Embrace your body and feel the deepest and truest love for yourself.


-Be gentle while applying the oils and massage 3-5 pumps into your skin with love.

-Feel your fingertips stimulating your skin and enjoy the moment.

-Take your time-

Face massage stimulates blood flow, allows the muscles to relax and helps the product absorb better. The stimulation helps boost collagen production and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

to cleanse

-Apply a generous amount of oil to your skin and take a few minutes to massage the oil.

-A face massage doesn’t only allow the oil to melt the oils in your pores and draw out the dirt but also is great for relaxing muscles, increasing circulation and toning.

-Once you have taken your time and massaged the oil in, take a soft small washcloth and hold it under hot water, ring the water out and place the hot cloth on your face.

-Allow the heat and steam to warm your skin wipe away the oil along with any dirt and make up on the skin. Once done you can add facial serum to add extra hydration.

Mindfulness and love

-Self love and self care habits are one of the most important ingredients in a healthy and fulfilled life.

-Remember that everything matters, every thought, every emotion, every relationship and every meal.

-Cherish this life and create yourself and your reality into the one that allows you to be the best and most fulfilled version of yourself.

-This is your life and you make the decisions, so make it great and beautiful.

Our Products

Clean Beauty



Indulge and take this moment in for yourself


Your Skin Deserves The Best

Our soon to be mamas love our products that protect and help maintain their skin with safe ingredients! Your belly will thank you.

Bugs, sunburn, rashes, irritation, refreshing


Amust when traveling! Not only will it hydrate and protect your skin, help keep the bugs away, soothe any existing bites and irritation. When feeling tired use the oil for a quick pick me up!

All face serums


All Zemyna Face serums can be used as makeup primer. Different climates and skin types will require different amounts of serum. Have fun and see what works for you.


The oils will help keep your nails strong and growing. After you are done applying a face serum or body serum, remember to massage what is left into your cuticles.

Most Luxurious

Clean Beauty

Cleansers & Face Wash

-Each face serum can be used morning and night.

-Also during the day if you need some extra love.

-Make sure to massage the product in for AT LEAST 1 minute. Face massage and using your hands is such an important part of the process.

-Slow down your breathing, enjoy the beautiful aroma of each product and allow your hands to gently massage and lift your skin while you relax and enjoy the moment.

-Focus your thoughts on positive things in your life, think about how grateful you are for everything you have, even when things are not going the way you wish they were, there is still so much to appreciate- remember it can always get worse, but if you focus on being grateful and seeing the best in each situation, you’ll get through anything and come out on top.

-This is your moment, take advantage of it.


-The oil cleansing practice is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils like products that are filled with alcohols, fragrances, colorings and etc.

-Wet your face with warm water and massage a generous amount of oil into the skin. Place a face towel under hot water, ring it out and place it on your face, make sure the towel is not too hot.

- Enjoy as the steam opens your pores and deeply inhale the incredible aroma of the product. A minute of aromatherapy for the soul. Gently wipe away the oil and repeat until you have removed all the make up and residue of the day.

- Apply a small amount of serum to finish.


-Dream Body is a botanical blend that feeds and nourishes the skin.

-The skin is the largest organ of the body and it's important to treat it with the most love and use the highest quality ingredients.

-Use on wet skin after a shower or a bath or apply directly to dry skin when you need some extra love.


-Oils are great for hair and all of the Zemyna beauty oils can be used on hair. For a hair mask, massage the oil into the roots.

-You can keep the oil in anywhere from 30 minutes to a full day, or what ever works for your hair. Make sure to spend time massaging it in. Not only does the massage feel incredible but it stimulates blood flow, which is great for hair health and will stimulate growth.

-Use a small amount on the tips of your hair as needed.